Monday, September 12, 2011

Black friday worx wg500 a small extra hand is always helpful

Well, I've had my black friday worx wg500 for regarding 2 months already and in my opinion it's a decent machine. it's sturdy, it will what it says it's suppose to try to to and that i notice that i take advantage of it on a daily basis for my tiny lawn finish off. However, the down aspect of this machine is that it's not powerful. I had a hurricane hit through my a part of city and that i had a significant finish off to try to to. therefore what higher thanks to take a look at this issue than a significant finish off, right?

I ended up physically doing most of the work, as a result of the black friday worx wg500 wasn't powerful enough to try to to this job. therefore it took forever to blow or to suck up the leaves and mulch at a pleasant moderate pace. The Mulcher fan is created of a harden plastic, that is nice only for leaves, however I would like it had been fabricated from sharp metal, therefore it might mulch the twigs and sticks in addition. the miscroscopic tree sticks kept obtaining stuck within the fan and that i had to constantly unclogg the twigs from the fan. All in all, when I raked most of the leaves into tiny piles around my lawn(which I shoudln't need to do, by the way).

I used the black friday worx wg500 kind of sort of a broom to suck it all up. and to scrub up the miscroscopic leaves and debri that was simply left behind when I did the bulk of the work. This machine is nice for little finish off jobs here and there, however if you have got weeks price of leaves and fallen sticks from your trees, you may notice that because of the dearth of power of the machine, you may be out there all day. i'm happy I bought it as a result of it will minor leaves finish off with ease. and that i use it as a additional hand, black friday worx wg500 therefore I do not need to keep bending all the way down to acquire leaves and stuffing it the leaf bag.

Product Features

  • WORX electric blower and vacuum can blow away debris then easily change to vacuuming in seconds
  • WORX blower and vacuum makes an efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline-powered tools
  • Angled tube for access under bushes or storm drains
  • Compact lightweight design for single-handed operation in both blowing and vacuuming modes
  • Ergonomically designed with soft grip handles to accommodate all heights and reach, providing maximum comfort and control


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